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Healthier dog food choices

Good nutrients in your dog food is key

As you may know, the most important concern for our Corgis is diet. Not dieting, but their diet and what we put in their bellies. As these guys age, and the pet world continues to evolve, we keep up to date on all the new products out there, that are focused on positive and healthy life for our family furbabies.  This post is about dog food.  Yup.

Before starting, we acknowledge that this is yet another cost to the household. This post is about what we do and are able to afford. If you are on a tight budget, there are many options out there, so do your research on what the best product is for the price you can pay.

Ollie human grade dog food Ollie custom delivery

Ollie is a human-grade, home delivered, custom recipe for your dog. For us, this is a convenient and smart approach, as we were cooking their food twice a week. Ollie claims:

  1. Cooked by humans
  2. Vet formulated
  3. USDA regulated facility
  4. Low temperature cooked to preserve nutritional integrity

It is a fairly simple idea, beef or chicken mixed with sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, spinach, fish oil, etc. with vitamins and minerals. The packages show up at your home, in biodegradable packaging, a scoop and silicon cover. We love it…and they love it too. Ollie is our preference, right now, and it seems to be working out for the time being.

Full disclosure: We are paying subscribers to Ollie; however, they send us free supply also. If you would like to try them out, use this link myollie.com/try/3corgis for a 50% discount on your first order.

Our next best choices

Guru cold pressed UKGuru cold pressed UK

Guru is super pawsome, a home delivered dried mix, cold pressed for your pup. We researched Guru and are super excited about this brand; however, they are only available in the UK! We can’t wait for Guru to make it to the US. Guru claims:

  1. Cold pressed to preserve nutrients
  2. No chemicals additives, preservatives or artificial colours
  3. Non-GMO, the most natural complete food

Again, it is simple with either beef or duck mixed with sea fish, apples, carrots, sweet potato, oils, seaweed, probiotics and minerals. The dry packages show up at your home within 24 hours. Again, only available in the UK…can’t wait for this in our town!

Miracle Dog Food

Dr Harvey’s introduced us to dehydrated dog food, Canine Health Miracle Dog Food pre-mix. When we were cooking their food, this was an easy way to get the grains and vegetables into their meals. Miracle Dog claims:

  1. Holistic blend of organic grains and dehydrated vegetables
  2. All natural with no dyes, chemicals or preservatives
  3. Can help with allergies
  4. Control protein content

We loved Dr Harvey’s and saw a huge improvement in their poops. If you are a dog owner, you totally get this. Dehydrated food is pretty amazing, as you can see everything that is in bowl.  We are happy with the results, but we made the switch based upon convenience. We cooked ground turkey and mixed it in.

Bottomline: We love our dogs so much, and feel that their health is the most important aspect of dog ownership. Their life is precious and needs to be handled with the utmost care. Therefore, we are fortunate to have them, and our attention to their diets will extend their time with us!

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3 thoughts on “Healthier dog food choices”

  1. Ruth Mandelbaum

    You should also check out Evermore Food for dogs at http://www.evermorepetfood.com. Evermore is an even higher quality, gently cooked (then frozen) option that is delivered to your door. There are subscription options, but you do not have to subscribe and you do not have to enter any personal information if you are not ordering. . There are sampler boxes available as well. Another nice thing about Evermore, is that the animals used to make the food are all humanely raised. Evermore can be used as a complete food on its own, or as a topper or treat.

      1. Sorry that it has taken me a year to notice this and respond. My daughter is the co-owner of Evermore Food for dogs. I actually do not have a dog myself, but have certainly sampled the food during the many demos that I helped with during the earlier years of the business. Since this posting there are two new recipes that have been added: lamb and turkey, both of which are grain free. This really is a wonderful food. If using as a complete diet is financially out of range, it can certainly be used as a mixer, a kong filler, or part of a rotational diet.

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