Instructions and Care

Heat transfer instructions

Hello Amazing Three Corgis Friend,

Thank you so much for your purchase.   We love YOU!  Worship this gift and wear it with care.  Just kidding!  As you know, this items purchased are very delicate.  I hand made them myself.  So, please follow the instructions below:

  1. When washing, turn it inside out and make sure that you wash it with other items, like TShirts or towels.  This lessens the wear and tear of it hitting the metal on the machine.
  2. Do NOT hand wash.  If you do, you need to wring it out, which causes you to crumple the artwork too much!
  3. Next, do NOT hang dry.  This seems to be an obvious choice, but hang drying actually keeps the water on the artwork for too long.  Immediately place it into the dryer.
  4. For your dryer, set the dryer to the lowest, delicate heat.  It will insure that the water evaporates correctly.
  5. If you choose to iron it, turn it inside out and use a very low heat on the iron.   If your transfer starts to wrinkle or crinkle, run an iron over it, low to medium heat, with paper over the artwork, or inside out.  Do NOT use direct iron on the transfer.

Ok, so there you have it.  Its going to get you a lot of attention, wearing this thing!  Right?

For any questions or issue, pls email me at

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