Corgi Calendar 2015

Holiday gifts for 2014 XMAS are here!

What? Corgi holiday gifts for your Corgi obsessed loved ones!

Even though its still early, all of our Three Corgis gifts are ready and raring to go. We’ve got calendars, tees, tanks and what not. Check them out here…

Here is a sneak peak of the Three Corgis 2015 Calendar.  Its chock full of 12 months of cutie cutes photos of Hambone, Cupcake and Wolfgang in all their gitchy glory.  Wouldn’t it just be easy to get these holiday gifts for that Corgi obsessed fan in your life?  Of course, cuz you are that kind of person.  These photos are the best of 2014, so get excited!

Corgi Calendar 2015 Corgi Calendar 2015 Corgi Calendar 2015

And, if that weren’t enough, there’s all kinds of apparel.  Here are the super special XMAS tees…

Cupcake Corgi XMAS Black Tee Holiday Gifts Cupcake Corgi XMAS White Tee


Isn’t Cupcake the cutest ever?  What a happy little critter.

Holiday Gifts Wolfgang Corgi XMAS Black Tee Hambone Corgi XMAS Black Tee



These two, well, not too stoked.  But, hey, it makes for good content.

Holiday Gifts Hambone Corgi XMAS White Tee Wolfgang Corgi XMAS White Tee

Now, really…aren’t these the best?  They really are.  The melancholy expression of Christmas holiday cheer, with all the bum rushing of stores, the fight for bargains and the every so popular gifts that just really keep on giving from your Auntie Sue.  Yes, a true expression of the holiday season!  Gotta love it.

Shop for yer Corgi holiday gifts right HERE!!!  Stay tuned for more gifts for this gift giving season.  You know you want one for yourself, so pick one up, too!

Check out the Three Corgis swag in the shop.  You won’t be disappointed, I hope! Don’t forget to follow us on all the social media sites!   On YouTube and Instagram @threecorgis.  Follow us on Twitter (until the account gets suspended).   Follow us on Google+


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