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I have been getting hit up, a lot, about how to buy a Corgi.  I think that is the correct term, but if you want to buy a Corgi, there are quite a few things to consider. Here’s a breakdown of the things you need to do and know before taking that step into parenthood.


Why do you want a Corgi?

If you ask yourself this, and the answer is simply that you want a cute thing to own, you should definitely not get any pet.  Corgis are cute, but they are living creatures that deserve attention, taking care of, and lots of maintenance.  They are very similar to small children, inquisitive, mischievous, loving and in need of boundaries.  What you put into them is what you get out.  If you neglect them, they will chew your shoes, pee on your favorite rug, get fat or even bite.  If you understand the responsibility of pet ownership, and can handle the accountability of a pet in need of your love, then continue on.


The pros and cons of Corgis

Let’s go over the cons.  1)  Shedding.  Lots of shedding, but if you can brush them at least once a week with a furminator, its all good.  You just get used to it.  2)  Barking.  Corgis are extremely loyal to the pack, and will defend the pack.  That means barking when you are around.  They rarely bark when no one is home, but the barking is pretty consistent for the protection of the home.  3)  Weight gain.  Since Corgis are work dogs, they are used to working hard and resting hard.  Unfortunately, owners get used to the resting part, and then you have an overweight pet with back and hip problems.  They love to lounge, which is ok, but this frequency causes long term and expensive problems.  4)  Cuddling.  Of course this is not a con, but they love to sleep with their owners.  This can cause some issues with sleeping, such as human back problems, bad sleep, etc.  5)  Begging.  All dogs begs, but Corgis are experts.  They are almost human like in their expressions, so breaking down is easy.  Remember this attributes to weight gain, the number one killer for Corgis.

Now, the pros, and there are many.  1)  Loyalty.  Corgis are super loyal.  If you look at Instagram, many of the Corgi accounts show a very accurate picture of the Corgi and its owner.  They love being around all the time, getting in the mix, being involved.   2)  Great around children.  Sometimes, I think that Corgis bond with anything that is similar in size; therefore, they love children.  No issues here.   3)  Smart.  They are highly obedient and intelligent, which helps in buidling boundaries.  Once they get into trouble, with proper discipline, it is most likely they won’t make it a habit.  I love the intelligence of this breed.  4)  Mellowness.  Being work dogs, they definitely have their need for excercise; however, they love their down time.  Sometimes, too much, as the weight gain tends to be a problem.  They are not hyper and will not bug you for a lot of attention.  5)  Fun.  So much fun.  Corgis are very expressive, have fun personalities and are hours of laughs.  They are goofy, but cute.  Wolfgang is a total goofball.  6)  Protection.  Ever hear a Corgi bark?  It is deep and sounds like a larger dog.  They are extremely alert, ear size?  They are super protective about their home, but will welcome guests.  Most people back off when Hambone barks at the door.   7)  Socialized.  Lastly, Corgis love people and dogs, making them a fun companion to bring out and about.  They chill at barbecues, wrestle with friends, hang out at dinners.  I take them everywhere, art shows, parks, kids parties, etc.  No one fears the Corgi!


Finding a breeder

I highly recommend checking out the Corgi breeder before doing anything.  An impulse buy can have a lot of problems later on, such as health problems or behavioral issues.  Wolfgang was an impulse buy, and he was covered in ticks, which is very bad for southern California.  He was definitely born at a puppy mill, which is extremely poor conditions for any animal.  I could not imagine what they do with puppies that do not sell.  I cross my fingers hoping that Wolfgang is a healthy dog throughout his life!

Another reason to check out the breeder is to be comfortable with the personality who raised your pet.  Believe it or not, the Corgi breeder has a huge impact on your dogs demeanor.  Hambone’s breeder, who no longer breeds, is a kind and loving person, mirroring Hambone’s personality.  Whereas, Cupcake’s breeder was a sassy and cranky woman, much like Cupcake!  It also ensures that you can see if the business is legitimate, as this is critical for your long term health.  All breeders will tell you that they have bred out hip dysplasia or any genetic issues.  You can see this at the visit by checking out the other dogs, the quality of environment, etc.



So, please do the Corgi community a favor and take your time when getting one of these lovable canines.  They deserve love and attention, but also need respect and guidance.  They get fat because of poor diet and lack of exercise.  They are happy, but we all want to have them around forever.  Be responsible and do not support puppy mills.  Check out the breeders and make sure that you are happy with the person who has the most influence on your Corgi.  Good luck!

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