Handmade Corgi Gifts

Howliday Corgi gifts!

Corgi gifts for the holidays will brighten anyone’s day, right???

Happy Howlidays, everyone!  Maybe you have noticed, but we’ve been selling some super cute Corgi-themed items lately…like the Corgi pool float, the poop bag dispensers, the adorbs Squishables…  Yes, thank you to all who have purchased and given these sweeties homes! Now, as we all get ready for the gift giving season, we have enlisted a group of artisans who have handmade really really cute Corgi gifts.  Please read on, as we introduce you to an amazing group of artists!

Corgi Earrings by PixelYum

Pixel Yum

I love these pretty earrings!  This artist, known as PixelYum, uses shrink art to express her graphic design skills. She makes all kinds of pins, earrings and stickers, inspired by Kpop and cuteness.  More on PixelYum…

Corgi Necklaces by Mariposa Miniatures

Polymer Clay Corgi Necklace

Sable and tri-color Corgi necklaces!  Mariposa Miniatures is a polymer clay artist, inspired by birds, fairies and fantasy critters.  And they are chubby! Nothing wrong with that!!! These would be amazing Corgi gifts for the kawaii-fanatic in your life… More on Mariposa Miniatures…

Corgi Sweater Ornament by Creations By Sita

Corgi Sweater

So cute!  A tiny sweater!  A tiny sweater with a Corgi and a Santa hat!  OMG!!! Minds blown by this needle felter and embroidery artist.  Be happy, that’s all this artist needs for inspiration! It sure inspired us all day! More on Creations by Sita…

Corgi Amigurumi Ornament by RiaArtWorld

Corgi Ornament

This is a little fella, but a very solid crowd pleaser.  Crochet artist extraordinaire, has a variety of minis, all so kawaii and delicate.  She offers a bunch of cute items, mini and teeny! These little guys have a cute fuzz to them, too!

Enjoy these amazing artist creations! There is a world of inspiration out there, and for this time, we absolutely love these handcraft creators of Corgi gifts and love!

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