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We’ve made our way around the IG world, and YES, we are lucky to have such a great following of supporters.  A lot of people ask us how we get followers.  This post is about the ins and outs of an Instagram biz, so hopefully, we can pass on some of our learnings.

If you know about Three Corgis, then most likely you heard about them via Buzzfeed.  When the Corgi thing was first happening, we were lucky enough to get on Buzzfeed a few times.  Here are a few links:

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Cute shout out from Buzzfeed

The Most Important Corgis of IG

Shout out from Buzzfeed

The 40 Most Influential Corgis of 2012

Instagram Corgis on Buzzfeed

Talk about PAWSOME!!!  We were so very lucky, and have a lot to owe to Buzzfeed.  Thank you, guys!  We love you!

What to do!  What to do!

So, we then really got into the whole Instagram thing.  Here are some of the steps:

  1. Post everyday:  You don’t have to post all day, but at least once a day keeps your audience interested.
  2. Focus on your best photos:  There’s no liking blurry or dark photos.  Make sure that you have the clearest ones possible for some one to click on.
  3. Have video:  For some reason, quick videos are great for likes.  You don’t have to go all out, as this is supposed to be a little fun, don’t ya think?
  4. Shout out others in the community:  We see this all the time, accounts that don’t follow back.  We have been following fellow Corgis as a rule, and it helps out with the love.
  5. Follow others in the community:  If you choose to follow, try following others in your community.  These will always be the people who will chime in and give you a great comment!
  6. Find tools, like Instagress:  If you are really serious, you should invest in some tools.  Go to the site, and check it out.  Some people don’t like the technique, but it is a necessary evil at times.
  7. Endorse products that you like and shout them out with hashtags:  Even if you weren’t given anything free, other brands will see your appreciation and may send you something.  Its worth a positive try.
  8. Buy shout outs:  If you have the cash, it may be a consideration.  Make sure it is an account that is similar to yours, like pets and dogs.
  9. Don’t get discouraged!

There you have it!  We will be putting up more posts about getting this together, so stay tuned!

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