PawPack is HERE!!!

October brings us the PawPack package!

Sooo, last month, we posted about pet subscription boxes, you know, BarkBox, PetBox and the PawPack.  If you want to visit our review, click here.  Some major cool shizz in this monthly sampling idea.  After our assessment, we see PawPack, with all of its eco-friendly, organic, USA made products, they were the choice for us.  At that time, BarkBox had not approached us to join, but since then, they have.  We are most likely going to set something else, and will get into the swing of things.

For now, we are going to review the PawPack monthly box and let you all know what we are getting!


Love the bird egg blue, like Tiffany’s, don’t you think?

What’s in the box???

The PawPack October

Cupcake looks so excited.  She had no idea what it was, but she good smell something amazing.  The box contained:  1)  the Honest Kitchen beams, 2)  Himalayan Dog Chew Pizzle Puffs, 3)  the Honest Kitchen embark, 4)  Plato EOS Turkey with Pumplin treats, 5)  assorted bully sticks, cow ears, 6)  a bat toy, and 7)  Project Blue Collar collar.

Wow wow weewaaaa!  So, we will be reviewing the products as they are used.  We’re hoarding them right now, because its super cools and its great to look at all of these new products.  I mean, really cool!

Inside the PawPack Inside the PawPack The PawPack October


Each month, we will be reviewing the individual products, so come back for more!  We love this surprise in the mail for our furbabies!!!

Don’t forget to check out the pet subscription review.

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