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Get ready for Black Friday with your Pembroke Corgi buds

Three Corgis Black Friday special announcement

To join in on the fun, your favorite Welsh Pembroke Corgi trio will be participating in Black Friday this year.  All items in the shop will be 20% with a special coupon code.  This code will be revealed tonight, so don’t forget to get a jump on this.  Even with Twitter suspending my account AGAIN, I don’t care!  Geez, try to be an entrepreneur here, and someone has to hate!

This special will be valid November 29, 2013 9am PST – 9pm PST  with a special coupon code.

Here is a sneak at the awesome stuff that you will be able to get your Pembroke Corgi hands on.

Three Corgis Xmas

Three Corgis Hambone Rainbow Tee

Three Corgis goodness at the shop is a must!

Three Corgis Wolfgang Rainbow Tankbig three corgis big cupcake in black

Who could resist this cutie cutes?  Its absolutely unbelievable that these awesome things can be on your back within days!

I will be announcing via the awesome social media channels that you such dear fans of, which would include Three Corgis on Instagram and Twitter.

Don’t forget to follow us on all the social media sites! Three Corgis on Twitter:  @andThreeCorgis.  On YouTube and Instagram @threecorgis.  Follow us on Google+

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