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CUDDLY Corgi Sweater Ornament


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Corgi Sweater Ornament, Handknitted With Cute Corgi

Have you ever thought there was something this cute and handmade?  These hand knitted sweaters come in Red and Green, but in your choice of Corgi markings, Sable or Tricolor.  Wow, the detail is amazing with little bones on the sleeves.  These will warm up any tree during the holidays!  Get your pawfect gift for the Corgi lover your life…

The neck is open and you can put a gift card in the body of the sweater, the bottom is sewn shut.

They are 4” L x 7” W.  Color of sweater is randomly picked from red or green!

If you want to see photos of these ding dongs, check out our Instagram page!  Follow us, like us, comment us.  We love the attention and will continue to make you smile everyday.  We really do try to do this, if you know how it is, you’ll appreciate the effort.

Weight .20 lbs




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