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Inflatable Corgi Pool Float ORIGINAL NOT THE BOOTLEG


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What did you say?  Is it really a CORGI POOL FLOAT?  And, did you hear that it’s exclusive to Three Corgis all the way from South Korea?  And, it was designed by the amazing artist HERMILANG???  NOOOOO HAWAAAAYYYY!

The Official Corgi Pool Float is made from 3mm thick PVC, KC certified.  Each float comes with five(5) repair patches.

Corgi Pool Float Product Usage

  • The air inlet is a double safety cap.
  • After air injection, cover the plug with a small amount of water
    (the double safety cap can block the instantaneous drop of air but can not completely block the air)
  • When blowing air, insert a stick such as a matchstick or a ballpoint pen into the injection port, and press the product lightly to remove the wind easily.
  • After removing the air, remove the stick and keep the cap closed

Repair Tips for Repair Patches(included)

  • Find the damaged area and wipe the water completely dry.
  • Add about 1/3 of air and rub it without air bubbles with glass tape.
  • Avoid excessive air injection (especially when using high pressure pump)

Corgi Pool Float Usage Precautions

  • This product can not be used for lifesaving.
  • Use in a safe place such as a swimming pool
  • Overloading the air can cause damage.
  • Exposure to high temperatures may cause the body to change freely. Do not add additional air at this time.
  • Avoid contact with sharp materials such as sharp rocks, gravel, barbed wire, etc.
  • Stay away from fire.
  • Wear safety equipment.
  • Keep safety when using high pressure pump
  • When storing the product, wash away any foreign matter such as sand or salt, dry it thoroughly and store it at 10 degrees or higher.
  • Be sure to check for leaks after air injection.
  • Do not use for anything other than water
  • If you put this product in your mouth or your mouth blows it can be harmful to your body, use an air injector

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Three Corgis

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