Three Corgis Cupcake Rainbows Tank

YO YO YO Check out the NEW tees and tanks

Rainbows up to your ears!

With the success of the Hambone rainbow TEE, I’ve added an entire set of rainbows and love, featuring Cupcake and Wolfgang on the crew tees…AND all three in tanks.  Check them out and don’t get too excited!  

Three Corgis Hambone Rainbows Tee

Three Corgis Hambone Rainbow Tee

Can you resist the happiness or what?Three Corgis Hambone Rainbow Tee

And get a load of these beauties, right???

Three Corgis Wolfgang Rainbow Tank

Three Corgis Cupcake Rainbows Tank

Three Corgis Hambone Rainbow Tank

Basically, it has been so much fun designing a very happy and positive set of Three Corgis love.  My next run will be shooting stars.  Its going to be a hoot!

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