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Snapchat is the shizzle! At least for Three Corgis!

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Finally, as it is July 16, 2016, we are on Snapchat!  Whew!  I was told that we should be on it; however, due to low levels of motivation, it just didn’t happen.  Well, now that we’re on it, everyone else needs to me on it!  So, let’s get started!!!

Our name is Three Corgis, so the first thing you need to do is figure out the name of your account.  I am assuming that you are a social netizen, so you most likely have an Instagram account or whatnot.  Think about something that your current fans can remember or make that easy find.  They may not know that you are on Snapchat, so make it EASY for them, dude!

Go on and create an account.  From there, figure out the interface.  I did not get it, but to see your profile, which contains followers, finding others, etc., you tap the little ghosty at the top.  To go back to the camera screen, swipe down.  To see your snaps and those of the people you are following, swipe left.

From there, you swipe up, down, left, right to get your groove together.  It takes trial and error, like everything else.  Essentially, it ain’t so hard after a while!

Snapchat code

Figure out your content

Since your snaps only last for 24 hours, who cares if you make a mistake!  Unlike the Instagram way, there are no hashtags, tagging or rules of curated beauty.  YES!  That is a resounding YES!!!  What does this mean, you say? It means that you can take a photo, make a video, and not have to be perfect.  Isn’t that awesome?  I mean, pawsome?

Once you get into the camera  mode, you either tap for photo or hold for video.  Once you get your pic or vid, you then can add filters, text, little cute stickers or emojis.  Or, you can add nothing at all.  Remember, 24 hours only!  Then it is gone!  Snapchat just added memories, so you can save them, but that’s new.

Lastly, once you finish your snap, you then send the snap to everyone or specific people.  That’s it.

Next up, we’ll show you our favorite furiends on Snapchat!!!

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1 thought on “Snapchat is the shizzle! At least for Three Corgis!”

  1. Just discovered your three Corgies. Love these long bodies! Happy to hear Hambone’s on the mend. Many thanks for your cleaver rehabilitation ideas. I know it’s difficult to “read our dogs.” They hide their discomfort until they are very compromised. But you caught it, Hambone is lucky to have such a observant human! I will definitely be following….

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