Sploot, you say? Yes, sploot!

splootThe art of the sploot shot

If you know, then you know.  But if you don’t know, then a “sploot” is something you should know.  Taken from the urban dictionary, “When a corgi lays flat on its belly with his/her legs spread out.”  Literally, google “sploot”, and click the link, and don’t forget to watch the oh so cute video.

So, I am here to explain the amazement of this Corgi phenomenon, much similar to the Corgi butt craze.  Its more common when they are puppies, as their hips are a lot more flexible.  As I was going through my photos, I realized that Cupcake did some weird side sit, but had a few super sploots.  Wolfgang has alot; whereas, Hambone has barely any since I didn’t have a good camera back then.  So sad.

sploot00203Check out Hambone’s little feets!  He was so cute.splootPuppy shots are the cutest.  Seriously, looking at this melts my heart.  Look at how pink Wolfgang’s paws were.
splootCupcake eventually stopped doing this, but still kind of sits on her haunches, covering her toes.  splootSeriously?  This is insane at the cuteness of these guys.  I want to die!splootWolfgang can even sleep like this.  He is so lanky and agile.  I wish I could enter him into some kind of class to be an agility dog.sploot18splootsplootDid you get enough of this?  It is pretty much a super secret code amongst the Corgi owners.  I told a friend of mine what it was, and he thought it was most ridiculous thing he had ever heard of.  Seriously, who originated the term?  Please, if anyone finds out, send them my way.  Its hilarious.

There will be a tshirt coming soon to celebrate the unique Corgi position.  Stay tuned and keep following us on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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  1. I am totally jealous! 3 Corgi’s. I have one and have no room for more but would love to have 3! Bryn (my female) sploots all the time.

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