Aloha Cupcake Corgi

Spring line with cute corgi apparel

Corgi apparel for your Corgilicious needs

We got your Three Corgis apparel coming at you, folks!  There will be more, but for now, we’ve got some awesome ones for sale!  Not only do we have tees, we’ve got tanks, muscle tees and sweatshirts!  Who wouldn’t want a Cupcake in their Spring 2014 wardrobe???  Check out these babies:

corgi apparelbromancegreyteebromance corgisThree Corgis Bromance Muscle Tee

This is called Bromance, because its an awesome photo of Hambone and Wolfgang bromancing.  It is so adorable.  Get them here

Cupcake Aloha Corgi Tee Cupcake Aloha Corgi Muscle Tee corgi apparelCupcake Aloha Corgi Tee

You love Cupcake, and we know it!  This time, we have her posing in a super lush flower lei.  Pretty, right?  Get them here

Hambone Me So Corgi Hambone Me So Corgi Hambone Me So Corgicorgi apparel

ME SO CORGI!!!  Oh no, you didn’t!  Hambone is thinking what you think he is!  HERE HERE HERE

Wolfgang Sexy Corgi Muscle Tee wolfganggreycrew Wolfgang Sexy Corgi TeeWolfgang Sexy Corgi Tee

OK, there is more to come, but this is called Wolfgang’s Sexy Corgi pose!  Get it?  You know, but get it!!!

There is way more to come because its been so much fun creating these tee designs.  So, visit our shop and get your Corgi apparel for the Spring!

Check out the Three Corgis swag in the shop.  You won’t be disappointed, I hope! Don’t forget to follow us on all the social media sites!   On YouTube and Instagram @threecorgis.  Follow us on Twitter (until the account gets suspended).   Follow us on Google+

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