mens three corgis tank featuring banana cupcake in black

Streetwear at its finest, right?

Three Corgis launches its Cupcake Menswear YO!

I guess the demand creates the supply sometime, and this is not an exception.  I have placed the Princess on the man tank, that’s something for the streetwear fiends.  She is such a cutie, how could you resist the beauty of Cupcake!  There are two designs, the Banana Cupcake special and Cupcakes, as in many of her.  Check them out and hopefully you will want to take one home.  Available in manly black and manly grey.  If you want to see this in Girls, check here.

mens streetwear cupcake tank in black

Can you believe how adorable this little pup is?mens streetwear three corgis tank featuring banana cupcake in grey

How how about this one?mens three corgis tank featuring banana cupcake in black

So, as you can see, there is some super cuteness going on, and I HIGHLY recommend one of these to your wardrobe.  Let the HAYTERS hate, and support the cause for Corgis.

And you have a little time, watch these gems from our YouTube channel!

Turn up the sound on this one.  For such a small doggie, she cracks a crazy snore…

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