Three Corgis Cupcake Suepreme

If you can’t beat ’em, JOIN EM!!!

Corgi love suepreme

After many hours of deliberating amongst very opinionated people, it seems that there may be a demand for some comedic artwork.  So, with that being said, here is the latest and greatest pieces in the Three Corgis collection, featuring suepreme Cupcake and comme.  Read it and weep.

Here, the first set, is the ever precious Cupcake the Three Corgis cutie pie.  This is one of my favorite poses.  She was a bit fluffy in this pose, and since the massive weight loss, this is now a rarity photo.  I love her huge smile.  So, special.  This is the Men’s version, click here for the shop.

Three Corgis Mens Cupcake Suepreme Tank in Black Three Corgis Mens Cupcake Suepreme Tank in Black This one is particularly silly.  It is riffing on a riff on a riff.  So to speak.  Basically, haters are gonna hate, and the motivated haters have made a massive profit on it.  So, is this America?  Yes, it is.  This is also the Men’s version, click here for the shop.Comme des Three Corgis Mens Tank Here is the Girl’s version.  I really love the way this looks, especially the soft tank.  If you get it, you get it.  But if you don’t, do some Googling around the net.  For the shop, click here.Three Corgis Girls Comme des Corgidown Girls Comme des Corgidown This is the grey version of the Men’s version.  I think it looks awesome in grey.  Again, the shop link here.Comme des Three Corgis Mens Tank And, finally the Girl’s version of the Cupcake suepreme tank.  I am going to do other ones, but for now, y’all have to deal with the cutie Cupcake version.  I love her so much.  Check the Girl’s shop area here.Suepreme Girls Black Tank Suepreme Girls Peach Tank Suepreme Girls White TankDon’t forget to catch the Three Corgis videos on the YouTube channel!

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