Three Corgis Summer is over

Summer is over

Summer Summer Summer is over over over

I can’t believe summer is over I know that Fall is my favorite season, but it is a bit sad that summer is over.  I mean officially over.  We just got used to the heat and what not, the shedding, the laying around, the mid afternoon naps.  Wow.  So, let’s honor the closing by showing off  some of our favorite moments, and some of our most popular Instagram posts with these lovable Corgis, you know the THREE CORGIS!!!

This is the nutty Wolfgang in his ode to Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein.  Yes, Master…walk this way!!

Yes Master

Basically, you know Summer is over when the squirrels stop harassing the gang.  It is sooo obnoxious to be woken up by barking dogs.  Then you go and look, and basically, the squirrel is teasing them on purpose!

Corgis hate squirrels


Cupcake had a little scare.  Half of her face and ears were not moving.  A short term paralysis, most likely from Wolfgang and her playing too rough.  I thought it was a stroke, but the mighty El Segundo Pet Hospital said it was temporary!  Thank gawd…

Cupcake the Corgi

Then, this is super cool.  We got our first endorsements with a couple of companies.  Read the reviews for Canidae for their awesome biscuits.  Read the review for Best Bully Sticks for their awesome unique treats.

Hambone the Corgi


I love the laziness of dogs.  They lounge, they lay, they snore, they sun.  It’s so awesome because they are always in the room with you, wondering what you are doing, so they just snooze.

Wolfgang the Corgi

Just for kicks.

Cupcake the Corgi

Three Corgis Summer is over Hambone the Corgi

With that being said, it’s true.  Another season has gone by without a hitch.  Do you think they know that the seasons change.  I hope these Corgis do…

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