Three Corgis Hambone Rainbow Tee

Summer sale blow out

Get your Corgi gear

The end of Summer is near, and what better way to wipe the tears away is with a cool Three Corgis tank or tee!  Right?  Summer sale is on for you Corgi lovers.  These pieces were so successful, but I get that no one wants to wear a tank in the cold months.  For a limited time, or until supplies last, girls peach and mauve tanks for $18 and men’s grey tanks and gold tees for $15!!!

Here is a reminder of the line.

Three Corgis and Rainbows

The gold is a winner, but can you resist an amazing Corgi smile with a beautiful rainbow?  Of course not!  What was I thinking?  Obviously happy thoughts…

Wolfgang Rainbow TeeCupcake Rainbow TeeHambone Rainbow TeeBananas and grins

Now, the most popular design is by far the Banana Cupcake.  It is a bit weird, but super cute.  Some naysayers claim its a bit KKK, but geez, you have to really look at if that way.  I think that is a bit much; however, the deepness is Cupcake’s eyes just make you melt.  She is such a cutie.

girls tanktop banana cupcake mauveEven dudes get a chance.  I did find out that this tank looks like a cute mini dress for girls.  Love it!

mens three corgis tank featuring banana cupcake in grey

Wolfgang Wolfgang Wolfgang!  So awesome.  He is the sweetest and silliest.   girls three corgis wolfgang tank in blackthree corgis wolfgang grey tank topLast, but not least, the Hambone!  He is so handsome and suave.  He’s got that melty look, please cuddle with me!  I love him so much.

hambone peach tank menshambonetankblackSummer sale while it lasts

There you have it.  The tanks are on sale.  Get yours now!  Just check them at the shop.  It will worth your while to get one, cuz they will be gone SOON!

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