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Angus, the Corgi puppy, and his journey

Three Corgis

How a Corgi puppy joined our lives! Let’s talk Angus.  Yes, the wild little nugget from Washington, Bellingham to be exact.  We love this little guy so much. Since he’s about to be a year old soon, I thought it would be a good time to tell his journey to our home. A day didn’t[…]

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Corgi puppies make you melt

corgi butt

Are you love with Corgi puppies like me? Let me get this straight.  ALL puppies are cute, yo!  So, this isn’t a diss to all of you cuties out there, but just an homage, so to speak, about the Corgi puppy, in particular, those fuzzy baby bears.  I look at these photos and can’t saying,[…]