Corgi Weed Tee

Get your Corgi Gifts for 2017

Get your Corgi gifts for 2017 Now that the howliday season is in full gear, most likely you are wondering what would be the perfect gift for your local Corgi fan.  Yes, what would that be?  A Three Corgis tee?  A Three Corgis calendar?  Of course!!!  Please read on.  It’s all about the Corgi gifts […]

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Cupcake the Corgi

Cupcake likes to be a super model

Love a Cupcake, love a cutie So, whenever I post a photo of Cupcake, it typically gets the most likes.  And, not only that, I also have the most photos of her because, frankly, she loves to pose.  I’ve compiled a few photos from our extensive catalog of Cupcake.  It’s pretty ridiculous. You will melt

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Cupcake is the Corgi queen

Ever wonder about Cupcake the Corgi queen? It is pretty much a given, but Cupcake is the most popular of the Three Corgis.  She is the smallest, softest and most obsessed with affection.  Whenever we have guests over, she is the first to greet, being the Corgi queen that she is.  My dad remarks how

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Cupcake shaking her RUMP!

Baby Cupcake is less than a year old, she resembles Wolfgang with her lankiness.  Obviously, she has filled out quite a bit!  This clip is her famous ass shaking, so cute and so sweet.  She still does it today.  Enjoy!!!

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