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Dogs in costumes, OH MY!!!

Dogs in Costumes

Corgi costumes are the best As hoomans, we aren’t the biggest fans of Halloween.  You know, the weird people obsessed with dressing up.  I had a friend in college, Wade, who chose to dress up like a woman every single year.  Shaved his legs.  Had full make up and wig.  I have absolutely nothing against[…]

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Three Corgis are showing off on Instagram

Corgis gonna Corg!  Three Corgis Instagram Sorry for the lateness on the Three Corgis round up.  With the outrageous cold and travel, I was pretty much wiped out.  It was brutal.  However, where would I be without my three favorite Corgis!  They are the sunshine of my life, if you didn’t notice.  I love them[…]