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Instagram tales, I tell ya!

Buzzfeed cutest Corgis on InstagramAnswers to the Instagram magic! We’ve made our way around the IG world, and YES, we are lucky to have such a great following of supporters.  A lot of people ask us how we get followers.  This post is about the ins and outs of an Instagram biz, so hopefully, we can pass on some[…]
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Three Corgis Weekly Round Up September 7, 2013

three corgisWhat was going on this week for Three Corgis It was pretty hectic for the Three Corgis weekly.  Unfortunately, it was saddened with the passing of the amazing Pi, of Instagram’s @appleofmypi.  This six month year old Corgi suffocated on a plastic bag.  There isn’t much more to say, other than it rattled the Corgi[…]
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Instagram posts for August 17

Yo, the latest set of Three Corgis on Instagram These plugins are driving me MAD, I tell you!  Instagram needs some plugins!  I am trying to get a gallery, but the plugins I download only allow the most recent posts.  So, if you have a ton of photos, and want to have some retro posts,[…]
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The weekly Corgi round up

three corgisThree Corgis on Instagram August 10 Hello All, here is the latest cute grid from Instagram, Corgi round up.  This is a way for the non-Instagrammers to get a view of these guys.  Instagram is awesome, but if you are not one the followers, its a pain to find these photos.  I love this new[…]
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Corgis on Instagram and corgis and corgis

Corgis on Instagram Three Corgis on Instagram have been pretty active on Instagram.  That is where it all began.  The Corgi fan is hyped on this channel, and have inspired an entire movement of cute Corgis by some super cool parents all over the world.  Its pretty amazing as I have followed over 1000 Instagram[…]