NEW apparel in production

I have huge demand for KIDS clothes, so the sampling process has begun. Girls and boys pieces are being concepted out as we speak, so check it out! This app is driving me nuts!!! But here they are. So cute! Three Corgis for cute kids.

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Three Corgis KIDSwear YO!

It’s the cutest thing ever, right? I have a ton of kids who love these guys, and besides, Wolfgang is a kid, too! Check it out, and the model is a cutie. They’ll love it so much, they won’t take it off! To order, click here.

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Merch merch merch

I am going to post this photo on the Instagram, but it takes me a minute to edit the photo etc. I do think that these are going to sell due to the appeal of dogs with kids. I see a lot of cat stuff out there, so my spidey sense says dogs are going

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