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Corgi butts drive me nuts

Xmas Corgi ButtsCorgi butts make a play for your heart With all this Nicki Minaj anaconda hype, or twerking and such, you’d think that this was a sudden blitz on the arse.  Oh heck no!  The Corgi butt is the OG and should not be reckoned with! You have been warned!!!  The next photos will cause you[…]
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What is a Derp???

Corgi DerpAll dogs Derp, but Corgis are super derpilicious Derp, as Quoted from Urban Dictionary: A facial expression reminiscent of one who is retarded. It often involves eyes turned in different directions and a stupid smile. In reply to that idiotic comment, I posted a picture of a retarded facial expression with the caption “This is my[…]
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Instagram posts for August 17

Yo, the latest set of Three Corgis on Instagram These plugins are driving me MAD, I tell you!  Instagram needs some plugins!  I am trying to get a gallery, but the plugins I download only allow the most recent posts.  So, if you have a ton of photos, and want to have some retro posts,[…]
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Summer sale blow out

Three Corgis Hambone Rainbow TeeGet your Corgi gear The end of Summer is near, and what better way to wipe the tears away is with a cool Three Corgis tank or tee!  Right?  Summer sale is on for you Corgi lovers.  These pieces were so successful, but I get that no one wants to wear a tank in the[…]
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The weekly Corgi round up

three corgisThree Corgis on Instagram August 10 Hello All, here is the latest cute grid from Instagram, Corgi round up.  This is a way for the non-Instagrammers to get a view of these guys.  Instagram is awesome, but if you are not one the followers, its a pain to find these photos.  I love this new[…]