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Wolfgang the corgi pest!

Ever see a Corgi pest? So, if you didn’t notice, but the BROMANCE sweatshirt is really Wolfgang bumming Hambone out.  This post is dedicated to Wolfgang and his quirky penchant to be a lovey dog, in a way that makes him the ultimate pest.  I’m sorry, but it is pretty hysterical to watch.  Look closely.[…]

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This week in Three Corgi love August 30

Here you go, you cuteness Corgi lovers This week, that last week in August was soooo hot!  Ahh!  And, you know what that means, hot Corgis.  So, it was a bunch of laying around and being Corgi love cuties.  Here are the latest Instagram post for you and your eyeballs. [instapress tag=”threecorgis” piccount=”24″ size=”90″ effect=”0″][…]

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The weekly Corgi round up

three corgis

Three Corgis on Instagram August 10 Hello All, here is the latest cute grid from Instagram, Corgi round up.  This is a way for the non-Instagrammers to get a view of these guys.  Instagram is awesome, but if you are not one the followers, its a pain to find these photos.  I love this new[…]

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Corgi Butts drive you nuts!!!

Corgi Butt

The mystery of Corgi butts explained If you have ever loved a Corgi, you have definite familiarity of the famous ass of these guys.  Round, fluffy, wiggly, cute.  So cute.  This is an exercise of the limitless smile that Corgi butts create when its photographed and appears in your social media feed, right?  Here is[…]

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I love a Corgi, do you?

three corgis on the bed

Corgi love on the mind If you haven’t noticed there is a lot on the “internet” about this beloved breed, the Welsh Pembroke Corgi, cousin of the Cardigan Corgi.  So, you ask yourself, what is so special about these hounds?  Oh, you have no idea. They are devoted and loving, with extremely entertaining personalities.  Full[…]