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Three Corgis are a handful of love

Why not love three Corgis while you are at it? I never thought that I would have a dog, and more than one was definitely never in the cards.  Imagine wondering what it would be like to have 3 dogs.  It is quite awesome, but I highly doubt that anyone would even think about it.[…]
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What is a Corgi Fluffy?

puppy corgi fluffyFluffy, you say?  Yes, Corgi Fluffy! You’ve heard about the stately Welsh Pembroke Corgi.  And, you’ve heard of the arresting Welsh Cardigan Corgi.  You know about sables, tri-colors and brindles.  But, do you know of the Fluffy?  Well, consider yourself educated whilst reading this amazing explanation about the well loved and cuddly Corgi Fluffy. I[…]