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Camping checklist for dog glamping

camping with dogsHere’s what you need for an easier dog glamping trip It’s summertime, and that means getting outside and enjoying the fresh air!  If you are like us, then you want to bring all of your family members with you.  Yes, bringing your dogs is a great idea, and here is the checklist for dog glamping.[…]
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Dog gift ideas for the Corgi hooman in your life

dog gift ideasHmmm…what do i get that Corgi hooman? Every year, people ask us what we would like for Christmas.   What they really want to know is what should they get us that has something to do with our Corgi pups.  You know, dog gift ideas.  Well, now that you ask, there are a few things[…]
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5 reasons why 3 corgis are better than 1

3 corgi butts3 corgis?  Why?  Why not??? OK OK OK!!!  Could this be a blatant attempt at self-promotion?  Of course it is!  But let’s get real, here.  We own three Pembroke Corgis, and it didn’t happen overnight.  We never dreamed that we would own three pets, let alone 3 corgis, so let me shed some light on[…]
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Summertime means Corgi shedding!

Corgi BathtimeIf you love Corgis, you must love the corgi shedding So, summer for these guys means lots of shizzle with the sizzle.  Basically, these furbabies are a hot mess when it comes to the hot weather.  They have a very thick undercoat.  People ask me all the time, “do they shed?”  Is the sun hot?[…]
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The latest on Three Corgis

Wolfgang Corgi2014 kick off with Three Corgis This year is going to be a year for Three Corgis.  Why not?  So, what’s in store, well, more merch and possibly more video.  I hate to admit it, but video is such a pain in the arse!  Yes, we have a YouTube channel, but for gawds sake is[…]