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Crate training your new Corgi puppy

To crate or not to crate train…that is the question Imagine…you are bringing home your new Corgi puppy…oh so excited…you dreamt about all of the hours of cuddling and taking Instagram photos…videos…the tears of joy that will stream down your face…But WAIT!!!  You have a job…the anxiety kicks in…leaving him home alone…OMG!!!  Well, yes, this[…]

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Corgi advice!

these guys are corgis

Some inspiration is well received I am quite frequently asked for Corgi advice on the Three Corgis.  It could anything from breeders to shedding, and boy do they like to shed.  No home should be without a Furminator.  If you do not have one, get one.  They are amazing. Back to point!  I am pretty[…]

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Corgi puppies make you melt

corgi butt

Are you love with Corgi puppies like me? Let me get this straight.  ALL puppies are cute, yo!  So, this isn’t a diss to all of you cuties out there, but just an homage, so to speak, about the Corgi puppy, in particular, those fuzzy baby bears.  I look at these photos and can’t saying,[…]

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I love them

three corgis

Who could resist the Corgi love? Keeping up a blog is hard work, duh! I give a lot of credit to those who are doing this as their first income. However! I love my three Corgi dogs, and want to thank the 10k followers on beautiful Instagram! Big splooty thanks! Here are some of my[…]