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Spring line with cute corgi apparel

Aloha Cupcake Corgi

Corgi apparel for your Corgilicious needs We got your Three Corgis apparel coming at you, folks!  There will be more, but for now, we’ve got some awesome ones for sale!  Not only do we have tees, we’ve got tanks, muscle tees and sweatshirts!  Who wouldn’t want a Cupcake in their Spring 2014 wardrobe???  Check out[…]

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Wolfgang the corgi pest!

Ever see a Corgi pest? So, if you didn’t notice, but the BROMANCE sweatshirt is really Wolfgang bumming Hambone out.  This post is dedicated to Wolfgang and his quirky penchant to be a lovey dog, in a way that makes him the ultimate pest.  I’m sorry, but it is pretty hysterical to watch.  Look closely.[…]

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A Corgi and his pet fish

Corgi Fish

Hambone and his obsession with Corgi fish I don’t know about a lot of dogs, but I have one that is particularly obsessed with his fish.  Here is a photo to articulate the love between Hambone and his pet fish. Yes, it looks like an ordinary photo of a dog with his toy, but this[…]

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The latest on Three Corgis

Wolfgang Corgi

2014 kick off with Three Corgis This year is going to be a year for Three Corgis.  Why not?  So, what’s in store, well, more merch and possibly more video.  I hate to admit it, but video is such a pain in the arse!  Yes, we have a YouTube channel, but for gawds sake is[…]

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NEW Three Corgis Apparel! Like in PINK!!!

Three Corgis Apparel Spring line

Three Corgis apparel brings you TEES, MUSCLE TEES and more It’s been such an ordeal trying to figure out the mind of the female consumer, for real.  Tank tops are just not enough, you know.  So, I bring you the fab muscle tee…and in PINK, creme, light grey, black and white.  That’s right, pink!  It[…]