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Your vet, how to find a good one, part 1

Wolfgang and Angus at the vet

Finding a vet for your pet should be step 1 in the long journey of pet ownership Disclaimer:  This is an opinion based on our family’s experience.  Always take the time to form your own actions. Hi Fellow Furbaby Pawrents!   This is the first post in a two parter about finding a vet for[…]

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Afraid of the VET? Don’t be, just be smart!

How to Pick a Vet

Part One, assess the situation before you go or don’t go to the Vet Hi everyone!  There are always inquiries about your beloved pet and illnesses.  Minor or major, it is pretty scary when you can’t really communicate with your pup, right?  Does it hurt?  Does it not?  Is it a big deal?  Or am[…]