The best of the best

People ask me what my favorite photos are of these guys.  That’s a hard one, so I put some thought into it.  I actually have a few favorites of each one.  Check them out below…

Hambone the Great One

Hambone is the first and my favorite.  He is so regal and classic, a true stud.  He pretty much protects the roost.  He may come off super aloof at times, but he is carefully watching the pack.  The puppy photo is so adorable.  He is so cute, and you can see how much his black markings really pop around his eyes.  I love him!

What a guy
So handsome
Isn’t he the ginchiest?




Cupcake the Princess

Seriously, Cupcake is the cutest one of the bunch.  But, the banana costume is classic!  She is super sweet in all of these photos.  Since my parents are from Hawaii, they love the flower lei one.  What a heart melter!

Melts your heart
She is the cutest
My mom and dad’s favorite




Wolfgang the Dude

Obviously, I love the puppy photo.  His ears are humongous, and you can still see the black markings on his head.  We picked him for the white patch on his nose.   The second one is his overall personality, always always involved and happy.  The last one is hilarious.  He had just been fixed, and had a “soft” cone on.  This did not work at all, it’s filthy and crumpled.  This is Wolfgang.

Look at those ears
Always doggy happy
The cone did not really work







So, here they are.  I do have more favorites, but these are best that I could find in the 10,000 photos I have of these guys!

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