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The Frappiness! Issue No. 1


Hello!  Or rather, BAROOO!  Yasss, The Frappiness! Issue No. 1 zine is here!  Wow! It’s been some long nights of Indesign, but it is finally here!

So, what is The Frappiness!?  With all these amazing Corgis and their stories out there, it seemed like the right thing to do.  This is a supreme effort to highlight and document some of the cuteness, the courageous, and the curious!  The goal is to acknowledge these cuties, but maybe the zine will introduce some new stories to YOU!

Three Corgis Zine

In each issue, we will highlight stories about Corgis, Corgi cuties, Corgi businesses, Corgi artists, unique Corgis, senior Corgis and whatever we can think of that are about Corgis!  Most of all, we want you to have fun!


If life works out, we’ll be able to do more than just one zine issue. So, if you ever feel the need to remind us, please hit us up on IG! If you would like the physical print version, BUY ONE HERE!


The physical printed version is a 28 page + cover full color zine, 8.5″ x 5.5″, zine style. The Frappiness! Issue No. 1 contains stories on or about:

  1. Navy the Corgi:  Butterfly-eared Cardigan  
  2. Lottie Frickin Dottie:  The Cowboy Corgi cutie
  3. Corgi Things:  Cute Corgi products 
  4. Buttercup of Threecrazycorgis:  Sweet Pembroke with hip dysplasia
  5. Norcal Corgicon:  Northern California Corgi beach day
  6. Murdock of CorgiCollective:  The Blind Sweetheart
  7. The Crazy Corgis:  Senior Corgis living the good life
  8. Waylon the Swede:  Cool Cardigan from Sweden
  9. Corgo Collective Art:  Awesome Corgi watercolor portraits
  10. Gandalf Extraordinaire:  Super trickster Corgi

Sploot Frapping Baroo

We are selling the printed version for $8 + shipping, but here is the digital version!



We hope you enjoyed it!  If you have a story or know of a story, please let us know:

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