Three Corgis Apparel Spring line

NEW Three Corgis Apparel! Like in PINK!!!

Three Corgis apparel brings you TEES, MUSCLE TEES and more

Three Corgis Apparel Spring line

It’s been such an ordeal trying to figure out the mind of the female consumer, for real.  Tank tops are just not enough, you know.  So, I bring you the fab muscle tee…and in PINK, creme, light grey, black and white.  That’s right, pink!  It is a big deal.  And, if that weren’t enough, we’ve got puppies galore!  If you aren’t excited, that’s OK.  I think I am more than excited for all of here on the ranch, so to speak.

Here is the official view of the latest and greatest Three Corgis apparel!  Try to contain yourself, it won’t be easy.

corgis apparel cupcakepuppylovegreytee cupcakepuppylovepinkmuscle cupcakepuppylovepinktee corgis apparel

Cupcake is really the cutest puppy ever.  Sooooo cute, I can’t stand it!

hambonepupplyloveblackmuscle corgis apparel hambonepuppylovegreytee corgis apparel hambonepuppylovewhitemuscle

And baby baby Hambone…such a sweet face from this little guy.  He was a such an adorable fur ball.  I love him.

wolfgangpuppyloveblacktee wolfgangpuppylovecrememuscle wolfgangpuppylovegreytee wolfgangpuppylovepinkmuscle wolfgangpuppylovewhitemuscle

And of course, you can’t forget Wolfgang.  Believe it or not, his ears never grew bigger!  They were huge.  He was also a little devil man.  I wanted to strangle him, then suddenly, he became a sweetie cuddle man.  Oh, Wolfgang.

So, this is the Three Corgis apparel puppy love line.  We are really excited about 2014 because it is all about inspiration and opportunity.  There will be more in the days to come.  And, can you believe that we finally have something that is just for ladies?  Wow!

Check out the Three Corgis swag in the shop.  You won’t be disappointed, I hope!

Check out the Three Corgis swag in the shop.  You won’t be disappointed, I hope! Don’t forget to follow us on all the social media sites!   On YouTube and Instagram @threecorgis.  Follow us on Twitter (until the account gets suspended).   Follow us on Google+

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