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2014 kick off with Three Corgis

This year is going to be a year for Three Corgis.  Why not?  So, what’s in store, well, more merch and possibly more video.  I hate to admit it, but video is such a pain in the arse!  Yes, we have a YouTube channel, but for gawds sake is video editing a pain! If only iMovie uploaded correctly to YouTube, I would have a billion trillion views by now.  But alas, not everything is perfect.

IMG_4714corgi breedCupcake Corgi

In addition to merch and such, Three Corgis will most likely launch some kind of charity campaign.  There are so many Corgis out there that are in need of medical assistance.  I have seen quite a few Corgis with the degenerative disease that leads to paralysis and then death.  If you ever see a Corgi with wheels, this is most likely the condition.  I have read that it is painless; however, it is a progressive disease with the worst case being a slow journey into death.  It makes me sad, but you can see how much the owners love their fur babies.  Makes me so sad.

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We will also have more contests, as you can see in the Instagram photos.  I love finding new people who are willing to support Three Corgis.  So nice.

these guys are corgis Wolfgang Three Corgis Cupcake Corgi

Oh, and for these guys, they will have more park visits.  Last weekend was a blast, but the photos are totally lame!  I’ve got to get them out of the house.

Hambone CorgiWolfgangCupcake Corgi

Check out the Three Corgis swag in the shop.  You won’t be disappointed, I hope!

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