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Get a load of this video on Three Corgis

It’s Three Corgis on Vine, but easier to watch!

Ok, so check it out.  I have been getting into this video editing game, trying to get more content on Three Corgis, and it is kind of fun, but then it takes forever to manage the YouTube channel.  Its nuts!  And these guys are on Vine, too!  But, if you don’t have a Vine account, I’ve streamed a few snippets and made a viewable version.

I know it seems weird, but Hambone is devouring his treat, but the really crazy thing is Wolfgang is chewing it on his back.  I do think that the Vine app is pretty cool, making it real easy to edit on the fly.  The server is a bit slow, though.  That’s about all I have to show this time.  Enjoy!

And, here are some old ones

three corgis all three

Check back on the YouTube channel once in a while,

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