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Three Corgis Weekly Round Up September 7, 2013

What was going on this week for Three Corgis

It was pretty hectic for the Three Corgis weekly.  Unfortunately, it was saddened with the passing of the amazing Pi, of Instagram’s @appleofmypi.  This six month year old Corgi suffocated on a plastic bag.  There isn’t much more to say, other than it rattled the Corgi community with an outpour of tears and sorrow.  I was extremely devastated, as he was one of the more unique and happy pups in the scene.  I hug and kiss my babies everyday, but now even more.

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I have also been attempting to sleep without my Corgis on the bed.  This has become super problematic, as my hip is super sore from leaning to one side of the bed!  How do I know this?  I slept on the other side of the bed, and my leg did not hurt in the morning!  Ugh!  I am a super deep sleeper, and once I pass out, I am out.  So, when Wolfgang jumps on the bed in the middle of the night, my leg adjusts to him, not the other way around.  Hopefully, that’s all that it is, and not some weird cancer thing.

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