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October 2019 news and such

Barooo!  We can’t believe the year is just flying by like the wind!  It’s already October! Get your costumes ready, my gawwwd!

We’ve been going through a ton of changes, if you noticed (wink wink), and most of these changes are focused on the Three Corgis SHOP.  Our new direction will bring amazing Corgi-inspired products to market, such as jewelry, ornaments, plushies and more. We are super excited!

Creations by Hermalang

Corgi Poop Dispenser

Since we started working with Korean artist Hermalang, we’ve seen an uptick in site visits with the Corgi pool float.  What a great seller! Now, we are featuring her amazing POOP BAG HOLDERS, which are cute Corgis with sweaters! Adorbs!!!

Plushies from Squishables

Corgi plushies

So cute and sooo pawsome, these plushies are from Squishables, and are very special.  We have Undercovers, which are Corgis in costumes. Yes, the costumes are interchangeable, so can purchase the outfits in the future for less!  What a concept!!! Pawfect for October, right? Get one!

Office Supplies

Three Corgis Paper Clips

Right now, it’s only paper clips, but they’re CORGI PAPER CLIPS!  More to come, but come on!

The Frappiness! Zine

Corgi Zine

So, what is The Frappiness!? With all these amazing Corgis and their stories out there, it seemed like the right thing to do. This is a supreme effort to highlight and document some of the cuteness, the courageous, and the curious! If life works out, we’ll be able to do more than just one issue. Read about here.

New Blog Post: Dog Physical Therapy and Acupuncture

Pet physical therapy

The latest post features our take on physical therapy and acupuncture. After Hambone’s spinal surgery, we were left to figure out how to assist his recovery, something we had no idea about, where to start or who to talk to. Due to some very caring physicians, we were lead to Beach Animal Rehab in Torrance…and our journey began! Read and watch what Hambone did!

So, we’ve got a lot going on in October, and will continue to keep it moving, sailor! Please follow us on Instagram, @threecorgis

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