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Gifts for dog lovers

Modern designed dog toyGotta pet lover in your life? And now for the dog lovers!  There are so many cool pet products out there.  And each year, beyond the cute ass Target toys by Bark, there are more functional products that seals the bond between furbaby and pawrent.  Here is our list of cool products to get for[…]
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Holiday gifts for the Corgi fanatic in your life

Corgi-themed giftsShop for a Corgi gift this season Hey Corgi people!  It’s that time of year again to get in the spirit of gift giving.  This year, our post focuses on Corgi-themed products, made by small businesses in small batches.  We’re really excited because this gives us a chance to feature artisans who make things by[…]
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Angus, the Corgi puppy, and his journey

Three CorgisHow a Corgi puppy joined our lives! Let’s talk Angus.  Yes, the wild little nugget from Washington, Bellingham to be exact.  We love this little guy so much. Since he’s about to be a year old soon, I thought it would be a good time to tell his journey to our home. A day didn’t[…]