Wolfgang the corgi pest!

Ever see a Corgi pest?

So, if you didn’t notice, but the BROMANCE sweatshirt is really Wolfgang bumming Hambone out.  This post is dedicated to Wolfgang and his quirky penchant to be a lovey dog, in a way that makes him the ultimate pest.  I’m sorry, but it is pretty hysterical to watch.  Look closely.

bromance corgis

That’s right.  Hambone is laying is mug on Wolfgang’s back.  So weird.  This is not an act of kindness.  This is an act of Corgi pest!  Here is the evidence.


Even Cupcake does it?  Does it make sense that both Hambone and Cupcake find Wolfgang laying somewhere, and lay their heads on him, but not vice versa???  Of course not.  This is the act of the Corgi pest!


Can you see Hambone sitting?  Do you see Wolfgang?  He’s leaning into Hambone right in his face.



Caught in the act!  There’s not much I can say about this, but it happens all the time, and more so recently.



Wolfgang is the Corgi pest!  Not only is he a pest, but he is super cuddles!  He is a super team player and continues to be the glue of the operation.

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