xmas corgi tee

Get yer XMAS corgi tee here!

Three Corgis XMAS tee for you and yours

Quite honestly, getting this together has been a miracle.  I would love to have the time to just be creative and create more stuff, but I am seriously drained by 2013!  Either way, get your eyes on these and weep…The XMAS corgi tee, featuring the Three Corgis Hambone, Wolfgang and Cupcake.  Aren’t they the ginchiest?  $20 plus shipping.xmas corgi tee

Wolfgang was not happy about wearing this Santa hat, can you tell?xmashambonewhiteweb

Hambone was not having it, as usual.   That face!xmas corgiBut then, you get a look at this silly Cupcake.

Get your Three Corgis 2014 calendar while yer at it!

She just loves getting attention, so smiles for everyone.  The tees are American Apparel unisex, 100% cotton with a high grade heat transfer.  Think about it.  For just $20 + shipping, you can bring the Three Corgi love to your home or some one elses, right?  It really is amazing if you think about it.

They come in white, black, silver and creme.  Here they are in black.
xmas hambone tee xmas corgi tee xmas corgi tee

For all your holiday needs, order one and wear them with a super smile on your face because that’s what they’re for…smiles.  Get your Xmas Corgi tee and get your holiday shopping done with!

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